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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things around the apartment that are: Neon

I was wandering around the apartment brainstorming topics to get my blog started back up again when this popped into my mind. Looking through all of my things to find any and everything that fits into the category of neon colored was pretty fun! I hope you enjoy looking at some of the mundane pieces that make up my every day life. 

Gloves from Mick's Kermit Costume and my fanny pack from Bay to Breakers 2013

Colorful Daisies 

Bright pink water made by colorful daisies

Checked bag sticker from my last trip home and a softball from Mick's intramural league

A book. Fuck this book

Sassy blazer and necklace

 A friend I made on Easter who has seen better days

My bike helmet and the evil shoulder dislocating longboard

That's all folks! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Hike in South Lake Tahoe

California Nevada State Line

Hiking in Lake Tahoe

What is this!?

Brittany Sutphen
And how does this happen?

Brittany Sutphen
Nature is cool

You can see Lake Tahoe in the distance
The clouds looked cool that day