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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Day I Turned 27

Brittany Sutphen

Folks, I turned 27 this week. Well, Monday, but I'm taking the whole week for this one. Partly because there is no way all of those cupcakes could be eaten in one day and, since I refuse to throw out anything of that caliber of deliciousness, it helps me justify a breakfast of cupcakes each morning.

I remember back when I was 21/22 telling myself "I'm soo not ready for marriage or babies or any of that yet. I think when I'm 27 I'll be ready." Way to go past me. Who do you think you are, making life plans for somebody you don't even know!? I think I'll pass that off to 29 year old me to think about. 

On to the good stuff. PARTY! How did I celebrate my 27th birthday, you ask? Not very excitingly, but I had  a wonderful time. It started with a cookie for breakfast (are you starting to sense a theme here?) and a long run by the bay. We even saw a sea lion out for his morning exercise (I don't actually know how sea lions exercise, but I assume the treading-water-like activity he was involved in at the time was how he keeps in shape). After work, Mick surprised me with seriously yummy cupcakes from the shop in Ghirardelli Square and some beautiful flowers and asked how I would like to spend the evening. Well I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but tip toed around it in an attempt to not sound totally boring. Once I came out with it, we grabbed our lawn chairs and walked down to my favorite spot by the bay for some people watching. Later we ordered pizza and ate it while falling asleep watching Doctor Who. That 21/22 year old I mentioned earlier would have thought it boring but, to present me, it was perfect :) 


  1. just stumbled upon your blog. Happy belated birthday! sounds like a great birthday to me! Especially all the cupcakes! Have a good weekend.

    Love from NYC,


  2. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a great day. (: In other news, I LOVE passing current Sarah problems and thoughts off to future Sarah. She always seems to have it more together than current Sarah.