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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Styling Boyfriend's Plain White Tee: Episode 1 - The Undershirt Goes Undercover

I don't think an item of clothing exists that is easier or more comfortable to put on than the boyfriend's plain white undershirt. I also don't think there is another girl out there more guilty of raiding her boyfriend's closet ever so often (or every so often) than myself. So I got to thinking, just how many different ways can I dress up this plain white tee that I just "borrowed" (and sliced apart) from poor, unknowing Mick? Well, now I am on a mission to show you. For the next 3 days, I will play dress up with this mens undershirt, to prove †o you that I have what it takes, to become America's Next Top-wait... what was I talking about?

Let's be serious, only committing to 3 days is making me feel like a wuss. You dare me to do more? five, you say? OK, I'll do five, but don't blame me if things start to get weird. 

To start things off, I went for an "office" look.  Pairing the white tee with a girly pink blazer and black slim fit trousers.  I think this is more representative of one of those offices you see on TV, not your real life office. At least not any office I've ever worked in. It's the shoes. 

Blazer: Heartbreaker (Minneapolis)
Pants: Expres
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: F21
T-Shirt: Mick Jae's Closet (probably Hanes or something similar)

How would you like to see this t-shirt styled? I'll give even the most out-there suggestions consideration :) 


  1. nice post!

  2. Does Mick take these photos for you? If he does he deserves the "Boyfriend of the Year" award.

    1. Yes, he does. He definitely does deserve to be in the running for "Boyfriend of The Year" this year. He's been quite amazing :)

  3. Super super cute :)


  4. such a cute look - appropriate enough for the office but fun enough for a date/night out. you look great!

  5. Oh I really like this combination- a pink blazer is a must item!!