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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That Looks SO Ugly

Jacket: H&M
Dress: Target
Belt: F21
Shoes: Target (OLD, like high school old)
Don't mind my flipping you off in the first picture, we're still learning about this whole outfit photography thing. 

About the title. I was running some errands in the Mission this afternoon after meeting Mick for lunch (roasted red pepper panini at the Stable Cafe, mmm delicioso! (I learned that from Dora the Explorer. Silly backpack!)). I was minding my own business, strolling along, when this crazy lady (that's my own opinion. She may or may not have been a fruitcake, but for this story, and my ego, we'll say she was) looked at me and said to herself "that looks SO ugly". Whether or not she was talking about my dress is irrelevant to me because I think it's awesome, and my mommy bought it for me so that makes it extra special, but I wonder what she really was talking about. 

Update: So after I posted this, I read Kendi's post 50 Ways to Wear a Dress and thought I'd give it a shot and add one more way to wear a dress, making the list now total 5. Long sleeve T + Scarf,  what do you guys think, does this work or did I just turn it in to a skirt?

P.S. Hi, Kendi. I think you're awesome.


  1. Cute so funny your post down to the background is so similar to mine. Great minds think alike.


  2. This is a great dress, the parasol is super cute. And I love how you paired it with a casual denim jacket.

    Pink Chai Styel

  3. I totally wore this dress to Ian & Sarah's wedding last weekend, it is so comfy!