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Monday, June 25, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Restyle

Cardigan: H&M (old)
Blouse & Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Thrifted

My approach to the way I work my closet has done a 180 over the past few months. Younger Bit's goal was to hoard as many items of clothing as possible, whether or not I ever planned on wearing them. To give you an idea of the lengths I went to accomplish this goal, there were an old pair of Hooter's shorts floating around in there; I think even a toddler would have a difficult time getting those things on.

Since the move (which left me with 50% less space) I've been on a never ending mission to sort through the mess and toss/donate anything that I haven't worn in 1 year +. An exception went out to the bag of some of my favorite clothes that had been mysteriously packed away on the very highest shelf of Mick's closet. Wha 'chu got against those clothes, boy?

So here I am in an outfit that, to me, exemplifies my work and dedication thus far to creating a sustainable closet. 

On a different note, we traveled back to Minnesota for a few hours this weekend to see my college roommate marry Mick's college roommate. It was a reunion of old, older & new friends and the giggle-fests alone were totally worth the red eye flights on Saturday morning and Sunday night. 

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