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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doorbell Time

Every week day I come home at 2pm (okay, sometimes I haven't even left the house yet) for doorbell time. This is when Archy meows at the doorbell while I buzz in the UPS man to drop off Mick's newest Amazon goodies. Amazon has everything. It's freaky. You could live your whole life never stepping foot in a store again if you wanted to. Personally, I don't see the fun in that. Mick, on the other hand...
Anywho, sometimes the bf orders cool things and doesn't tell me. I think he does it to trick me in to making it home for doorbell time every day. Or just because he's awesome. I pretty much cleaned up today:

Yep, that is a pack of 20 floating lanterns. I, too, mistakenly thought they only existed in movies.

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