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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 2 - 16 Crazy Hours

Excuse me while I manually unclench my butt cheeks... Ok, that's better. Today we drove through Wyoming, Utah & Nevadon't-ever-drive-through-this-state-unless-you're-hauling-a-load-or-insane. In between long stretches of pure boredom and I-swear-we're-gonna-fly-off-this-cliff-and-die stretches through the mountains in Utah and Nevada I was able to admire so many sights that I either didn't know existed or never thought I would see.

The Old West

I-80 Road trip through Wyoming
They reminded me of the train set I used to play with growing up 
Park City, Utah
I don't have a good picture of this, I was too busy clenching my jaw while holding tightly on to Archibald so he wouldn't jump and distract Mick. 

Salt Lake
So pretty, the color was unlike any lake I've seen

The Salt Flats
The salt flats went on for 20 or 30 minutes. Other travelers seemed to like to drive around in them or write messages with rocks out there. 
Mick insisted we get out and take a picture

Wave Mountain
I don't know its real name, but it's a mountain that, in the dusk light, looked like a giant wave about to crash over the field

Apparently it's in a book my mom read

A lot of NOTHING in Nevada

Next time, I'll skip Reno. Not much to see here. Ha, who am I kidding, I will never do this again. No Way. 
To say we were relieved to finally find ourselves in Reno is an understatement. To celebrate, we walked over to the casinos to hang out/look around/possibly gamble. The ATM cost $10 so gambling was out. A casino is a casino, even in Reno, so looking around got boring quick. Instead, we stopped in the only restaurant we could find open and had a chicken quesadilla and a beer and then went back to our motel for some much needed rest. 
Day 3 and move-in to come! 
Good night! 

Bonus Pics:

Archy enjoyed himself
My mom hid these cute little cards in the sandwiches she made us for the drive. I miss you too, mom! *sniffle*

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